Here’s Why You Need to Go to Leamington Spa (ASAP)

Okay, I’m not gonna lie I’m writing about visiting Leamington Spa about four weeks after I went there… don’t I look like a blogging rebel?- Jokes! Also, I’m writing this whilst listening to Paris by The 1975… my life is so great right now!

Anyways, even though I visited a month ago, Leamington Spa is still securely sitting in my top 5 fave places to visit in England. Trust me, that means something- I’m one tough cookie when it comes to enjoying places me and my dad go to. I mean, yes, visiting Leamington Spa was my idea but I wasn’t sure whether it’d be a place that I’d fall in love with… I was wrong, the houses are idyllic, the quaint shops in the back streets are adorable and the shopping centre holds every shop a gal needs to have a proper splurge (including a record shop, A RECORD SHOP!!!!).

So yeah, peeps I’m in love with Leamington… literally in love!!!


Not being funny but there literally seems to be a Costa coffee on every single corner of the street in Leamington Spa… okay maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration but there were two Costa’s in one shopping centre. To you that may seem excessive but to me that was literal heaven. Both me and my dad couldn’t quite resist the temptation of a steamy cup of coffee flavoured milk, better known as a Latte. (Seriously will someone let me know if Lattes actually constitute as coffee or not, they just seem too milky!)

Anyways, I’m pretty sure the fact that there is a well known coffee house on every street corner (or at least a tiny tea shop) is reason enough to fall in love with Leamington Spa! Well… I’m a coffee lover, actually I’m more a Costa lover, in general so I’m gonna be a bit biased on this one. Easy access to a good cup of sweet, decaffeinated bliss = LOVE.


Sweet mama! Lunch was amazing, spectacular, amaze-balls, delicious, a culinary masterpiece and any other words that are cringe-y enough to describe how good it tasted!!! Okay, okay, I didn’t eat at an independent cafe that could only be found in Leamington Spa, no, instead I ate at Wagamamas which, I am well aware, is a restaurant chain that has settled in literally every city in the whole wide world. So yes, I am a little ashamed of myself but I can’t dwell upon it for too long because my food looked like it came out of a magazine… JUST LOOK AT IT, SERIOUSLY… does it not make your mouth water? The picture above genuinely shows a culinary masterpiece ladies and gentlemen. It tasted even better than it looked- I know it doesn’t even seem possible!!! Choose the Teriyaki Salmon Soba if you ever go to Wagamamas though- it’s simply divine!



As well as being stupendously (ooo, me likey that word!) dazzling on the food front Leamington Spa is one good looking city. I mean, sheesh! There are flowers EVERYWHERE, it makes me feel a little envious that the city I live in is so drab and grey and boring in comparison. Honestly, it’s beautiful, gorgeous even. The architecture, the flowers, everything makes Leamington simply stunning. I mean, you’ll probs get the I wants or imagine yourself living in the four story, white and glistening town houses that the town is notorious for, maybe you’ll feel a little jealous even (I know I did), but it’s too good to miss. You simply need to take a drive and visit Leamington Spa… although it’s quite pricey (just a warning) the fact that it’s actually called Royal Leamington Spa may give that away. But, I want those flowers, damn they’re so pretty!!! If Leamington Spa were a person it would have a queue of admirers, no jokes!


As I may have mentioned beforehand (lemme just check… yup, I mentioned it) the Leamington Spa shopping centre is completely jaw dropping… my dad didn’t think so but he isn’t a teenage girl so- HE DOESN’T UNDERSTAND!

Anyway, the Royal Priors has everything from Waterstones to Superdry to Claire’s to Costa to a record store, that nearly made me cry at the fact it seemed to have every single record ever recorded and DVD’s and CD’s on top of that- it was beautiful, a dream come true almost! Even though the centre did look slightly dated I don’t really think I cared too much – they had a TopShop and a Patisserie Valerie, what more could you ask for? But the shopping centre wasn’t what really made the whole shopping experience for me…


If anything, it was definitely the adorable little shops along the backstreets. They were all so cute, although I defo had a favourite! Along Regent Street there was a completely perf shop called Stone the Crows that you simply have to visit. They had a range of beautiful vintage furniture and odd bits and pieces or ornaments that could remake the look of your whole house. It was completely Pinterest-esque and I LOVED IT! Also, the fact that the ladies in the shop complimented me on my black dungarees that I wore that day may make me a bit biased toward this shop but… everyone loves a compliment right?

Stone the Crows was, put simply, one of those shops that has something for everyone, it was kinda genius and quirky and funky and I could describe it in so many ways that you’d get bored reading the list of words I could spew out! I loved the giraffe and rhinoceros heads that they sold in there and my dad was seriously contemplating buying a silver spanner that could have sat on his shelving in the living room… he didn’t in the end, the shop was on the pricey side, I’ll admit, but it had a costume store upstairs (Minion costume anyone?) so I can’t really complain as my dad tried on one of the wigs, which sent me in to a fit of giggles!

So yeah… I had a pretty amazing day not gonna lie! It was so much fun! I hope that you visit one day- if you do, feel free to drop me a comment and we’ll discuss!!!!!!!

Hope you keep having a great summer, talk soon! xxx


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